Ensure your vision stays clear and comfortable at work with a thorough VDU assessment

Working with visual display units (VDU) for long periods means that your eyes are likely to feel uncomfortable and sore. That’s why it is important to take regular breaks away from the screen.

At Nu-Sight Opticians, we specialise in VDU assessments and tailor our eye examinations to ensure that you enjoy comfortable vision while at work.

When you visit us for a VDU assessment:

If you already wear spectacles, you may notice that your prescription for VDU use changes slightly. Our experienced optometrist will help you to understand the reasons for the change in prescription. Conventional eyewear will not be beneficial for VDU use and we highly recommend that you use a second pair of spectacles with occupational lenses, tailored to suit VDU-specific requirements.

If you notice any changes in your vision, it is vital that you book in for a thorough VDU assessment with our experienced optometrist. Our friendly practice team will help you to find the VDU eyewear that best suits you.

Booking your VDU assessment with us is simple. Call us on 01296 398 941 and speak to a member of the team, or you can email us on info@nu-sight.co.uk and we will contact you to arrange your appointment.