We are proud to be the only opticians in Aylesbury that specialise in Ortho-K vision correction therapy. These are specially designed contact lenses that you only wear at night – which produce perfect daytime sight and eliminate the need for any eyewear during the day. That’s right – clear, comfortable vision created while you sleep!

Ortho-K provides pristine vision correction for contact lens wearers who:

How it Works

Ortho-K reverses the power of the cornea at the front of the eye during overnight wear. Once the full effect has taken place, the eye is effectively ‘normal’ so that you can see clearly during the day. This is a proven technique, ideal for anyone with low to mid-short sightedness.

Just think. No need to worry about how long you keep your lenses in and no more irritation in dry or smoky environments. A clear 24/7 future!

Our experienced optometrists will show you in detail how Ortho-K can enhance your sight on a day-to-day basis.

If you appear suitable for Ortho-K, we will analyse your eyes with an eye-mapping instrument and from the data gathered, order the lenses. Once you have received your lenses, a series of appointments will be booked to check your progress, until full correction is achieved. Our optometrist will also demonstrate how you use the lenses.

Booking your Ortho-K assessment with us is simple. Call us on 01296 398 941 and speak to a member of the team, or you can email us on info@nu-sight.co.uk and we will contact you to arrange your appointment

Frequently asked questions about Ortho-K

Can I really just sleep and see?

Yes, once the effect is complete you simply remove the lens each morning and can see normally. You will also be able to see clearly with the lenses in when you wake up in the morning (or in the middle of the night).

How quickly will it work?

After one night, most of the necessary correction will have been achieved. Normally within two weeks, your daytime sight will be ‘treated’ and you will no longer be reliant on contact lenses or glasses.

Is Ortho-K safe?

Yes. Research and experience shows that the whole process is 100% reversible. So if you decide to stop wearing Ortho-K, for whatever reason, the eye will return to its original shape and you will see clearly with your glasses again. This makes Ortho-K an excellent alternative to laser surgery.

How is it possible to wear lenses overnight?

Ortho-K lenses are made from one of the very highest oxygen permeable materials, Boston XO™, for maximum comfort and safety during overnight wear. The other unique benefit with Ortho-K is that, unlike normal lens wear, the eye spends its waking hours with natural oxygen levels, uninhibited by contact lenses.