Contact Lens

As contact lens specialists, we are able to match you with your ideal lenses so that you can enjoy a comfortable alternative to spectacles

ContactLensesContact lenses are a non-restrictive, comfortable alternative to spectacles that offer a wider field of vision and reduced glare. Favoured by people with on-the-go lifestyles, you no longer have to worry about breaking your spectacles.

We understand that many people are wary of contact lenses, simply because they have previously used them and experienced discomfort. It is likely that people who have had bad experiences with contact lenses were not properly fitted or they were given the wrong type of lens.

As contact lens specialists we ensure that your lenses fit comfortably and give you all the information and solutions you need to ensure they stay free of infection. We also discuss your lifestyle requirements to identify the lenses that best suit you.

With so many lens types to choose from, it’s important that you attend regular contact lens assessments with experienced contact lens specialists who will be able to advise you on the best choice of lens for your vision and lifestyle.

As an independent optician, we are not limited to the types of lenses that we can offer you. If we don’t have your lenses in practice, we will source them for you and ensure they fit comfortably.

Advances in contact lens technology means there is a wide range of lenses available to you. Our contact lens specialists describe some of the most popular lenses below:

Disposable contact lenses

Daily disposable lenses are used to correct all common eye conditions. They are proven to increase the safety and comfort of wearing contact lenses. You will need to wear the contact lenses daily and dispose of them correctly before going to bed.

Extended wear lenses

Available for common eye disorders, these lenses can also be worn while you sleep. They are safe to wear for between seven and thirty days, providing a convenient option for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

Soft lenses

These lenses are available in disposable or extended wear options. They allow oxygen to pass through to the front of the surface of the eye. They are more comfortable than rigid lenses.

Rigid gas permeable lenses

This type of lens is suitable for most prescriptions. They are durable, clean and very easy to handle. We always recommend this type of lens to patients that require reading prescriptions and have an astigmatism.

Your eyes will need to be measured and tested before you start wearing contact lenses. The wrong type or size of lens can cause discomfort and may even lead to infection. Before giving you the lenses our optometrist will ensure that the contact lenses fit properly and feel comfortable.

Our experienced team will also give you all the information you need to look after your lens hygiene. We stock a variety of solutions that will help you to clean the lenses and our friendly team will show you how to insert the lenses properly.

Soft Lens Application

Soft Lens Removal

Rigid Lens Application

Rigid Lens Removal

Booking your contact lens assessment with us is simple. Call us on 01296 398 941 and speak to a member of the team, or you can email us on and we will contact you to arrange your appointment.

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